Tips for best results with Fall ultimate seeding.

Homeowner Step 1
Mow the lawn to a height of 2". Water the lawn heavily for several days to prepare for aerating.
Rake and/or mow bag and dethatch the lawn to remove heavy clippings and debris.

Fall  seeding process

Aerify the entire turf with core aeration where the core of the soil is removed to allow more water and vital nutrients to penetrate your lawn, encouraging optimal root growth. Core aeration reduces soil compaction and helps break down thatch if present. a double pass is included.

Silt seeding with a specialized machine cuts slits into the soil in which turf seeds are sown. a double pass is included.

Over seeding with a triple blend thin blade fescue which has no weeds seed. TruGreen uses the highest quality seed available and is specific for our region.

Spot seeding small areas that are thin and equipment can't reach.

Homeowner Step 2
Water the seed bed lightly and frequently keeping the soil surface evenly moist, 21 days until seedings are ready to be mowed.

When seedlings reach a height of 2" mow at that height with a sharp mower when the grass is not wet.