Just a few bare spots? Make a Seed Sandwich!

Locate your barespots and rake clean of any heavy debris.
Apply the premergent over the entire lawn and water in.
After 3 days, allowing time for the herbicide to activate, use a heavy rake to scratch the surface of each bare spot. Scratching the soil surface will break the vapor barrier created by the herbicide.
Topdress each barespot with 3/8 to 1/2 inch Peat Moss or Primerafc seed dressing.
Apply your new seed on top of PEAT MOSS/PRIMERAFC.
Cover new seed with an additional 1/4 inch of PEATMOSS/PRIMERAFC seed dressing. DO NOT USE TOPSOIL. Topsoil contains weed seeds. Keep damp with frequent light waterings.


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