Pesticide Application for Homeowners

Use pesticides only when other control methods fail. Extensive use of pesticides can kill beneficial organisms that help keep pest populations under control.
• Read the label carefully – it tells how, when, and where to use the product.
• Apply the amount specified on the label and apply only to the plants and areas listed. Over-application is a waste of money and an environmental hazard.
• Wear protective clothing as directed on the label. Do not wash clothing contaminated with pesticides with other clothing.
• Make sure the pesticide is designated for use on the pest you want to control.
• Do not mix different pesticides unless instructed by the product directions.
• Keep pesticides in their original containers, so you know what they are and how to use them. (This is
• Do not apply pesticides if rain is imminent (unless specified on the label). Some pesticides do need to be watered-in after application, but rain or watering can wash others off plants, decreasing effectiveness, and contaminating lakes and streams. (Read the label.)
• Never spray pesticides on breezy days. The spray drifting in the wind poses a serious danger to nontarget plants and animals — including those in the neighbors’ yards.
• Never apply pesticides to highly erodible areas. When it rains, pesticides can easily be washed off these sites with eroding soil.
• Never apply pesticides near wells, streams, ponds or marshes unless instructions specifically allow for such uses.


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