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early-spring essentials: get a jump on the season ahead!

PRUNNING– Many structural problems in ornamentals can be corrected right now, before plants leaf out, with corrective pruning.Any winter-damaged wood can be pruned away. Very heavy wood can be removed, improving air circulation and plant shape. Overlapping and rubbing branches should be dealt with to eliminate this as a possible site for insects and disease to invade the plants.
CLEAN-UP– Leaves and debris should be blown or raked and removed from lawn areas, as well as shrub and flower beds.
MULCHING – A spring application will help to prevent weeds, conserve moisture in the soil and 
keep soil temperatures cooler as the weather heats up. By including a pre-emergent under the mulch it will help control weeds throughout the season. Mulching should be a uniform thickness on the planting beds, and be sure to avoid piling mulch especially deep, or “coning” around the trunks of trees.By just arranging for these three things, you’ll have made a great start to a better looking property!

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Fall Clean Up

Contact us for your Fall Leaf CleanUp
The leaves are falling fast. We can clean up and dispose of your leafs.
Use our contact form and we will respond with a estimate for your fall clean up needs.

Professional Landscape Maintenance Just Makes Good Cents!

Maintaining your landscape can become something like cleaning out the garage – you can do just the minimum to get by and get to the rest of it “later.” But unlike your garage, the landscape keeps changing and growing. Weeds keep sprouting, shrubs keep growing and turf and ground covers continue to creep over sidewalks and drives. Before long, your whole landscape can start looking shaggy and overgrown. And once problems get started they almost never disappear on their own and usually get harder to solve.
get it on the SCHEDULE!
Regular, professional clean-up, weeding and pruning will make your property and your life a lot happier. This may include a spring clean-up, edging of beds and application of mulch along with any needed pruning. This can be followed by a midseason weeding and pruning and then in the fall for a final clean-up. Having a big event this season? Arrange now for the services you may need. Most programs are customized to some extent to meet the different challenges of various landscapes. You
can make this the year to get the landscape in shape by getting it on the schedule!

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Spring Overseed Your Lawn

I found this great link to help with spring overseed from Grass Pad. They have all the products you need to renovate your lawn.

Time to Prune Your Trees and Shrubs!

2012's drought has proven to be the worst in nearly 50 years, taking a significant toll on both lawn and landscapes. Many ome owners are seeding this fall to help support recovery of turf, but what about the trees and shrubs?
Corrective pruning and shaping is a common practice in the fall months to prolong the life and maintain the appearance of landscapes. 2012's drought has caused landscapes new and old to experience die back thus causing the need for proper pruning.
With experience and expertise to advise you what your options are for those plants that experienced drought damage and those that need normal annual trimming and shaping.
For a free consultative review of your landscape, contact me @ 913-488-2155 and ask for a pruning estimate!


Possible causes:
Compacted soil, poor drainage, weather conditions, weed infestation

Poor conditions are preventing the right balance of air, water and fertilizer from reaching your lawn's root system, causing thinning and/or dead spots

Core Aeration,
Silt seeding,

  •  Aeration and Broadcast Seeding- our premium service where the core of the soil is removed to allow more water vital nutrients to penetrate your lawn, encouraging optimal root growth. Core Aeration reduces soil compaction and helps break down thatch if present.
  • Silt Seeding- our premium service where a specialized machine cuts silts into the soil in which turf seeds are sown.
  • Overseeing- generally used for larger areas where the turf is thin but not bare
Determining the cause of your lawn decline is the first step in solving it. 

Establishment and Care of Zoysiagrass Lawns | University of Missouri Extension

G6706 Establishment and Care of Zoysiagrass Lawns | University of Missouri Extension